Why Do We Need Waterproof Electric Skateboards?

Why Do We Need Waterproof Electric Skateboards?

Waterproof electric skateboards can adapt to more weather and field environments, providing safety assurance for riders.

Electric skateboard, as known as e-skating, is not just fun, but it has more to offer, specifically for short-distance daily commute. Though it is small in size, this fast-moving equipment is reliable to break the traffic, giving efficient yet cost-effective solution to urban lifestyle.

The most essential value offered from this skateboard model is the all-in-one control system from the remote. In contrast to traditional skateboards, electric skateboards bring efficient solution with the electric motor attached below the deck to power the board as it is moving.

The additional feature offered by some brands is the water resistance. With proper covers and seals, this feature allows you to ride the skateboard during the non-ideal situation such as wet road or raining condition. Although it is not the recommended, the feature minimizes the risk of damage to the electric motor and rusted bearings inside the wheels.

There will be further information to be discussed below related to this model of electric skateboard. With the water-resistant feature, it is interesting to find out the other benefits to get apart from the rideable option during wet condition.

Why do we need electric skateboards?

Based on the general users’ perspective, there are reasons why electric skateboard is a great offer. The function covers to many aspects such as entertainment, financial point of view, flexibility, and others. Below, you will see the most common benefits to get from electric skateboard.

1. Hobby

Talking about hobby, skateboarding has been very popular around the world in years. Tony Hawk promoted skateboarding in the sports world, and the interest grew significantly since then.

2. Transportation

In general purpose, electric skateboard provides a simple solution for an effective short-distanced transportation to users. The removable battery improves the flexibility to the riders to switch with the battery replacement.

3. Portable

Considering the small size of the skateboard, portability is a huge benefit compared to any other transportation mode. Commuting with electric skateboard seems a better choice to those living in big cities with traffic everywhere.

4. Simple maintenance

As a transportation mode, maintenance is an inseparable aspect. Lucky, electric skateboards do not require complicated maintenance to perform every once in a while. With this benefit, cost and time are significantly saved which you can allocate to other important spendings.

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

To answer the question, it really depends on the manufacturer and model you pick. Looking at the available electric skateboard models, a few models provide protection from water splash. However, it is tricky to find which one has water-resistant capabilities, you will have to go deep into the item description shown to indicate whether the skateboard supports the water-resistant protection or not.

Different than online stores, offline stores rarely mention the specification details of the products. It is best to check immediately to the person in charge for sales related to the complete features of the chosen board.

Which brands of electric skateboards are waterproof?

Not all brands equip their skateboards with water protection. Even if they do, water-resistant feature has levels of protection, giving you an idea of how safe it is to use on wet condition. Below, you will see several brands including their specific models that are protected with water-resistant feature for your reference.

1. Propel

Propel features unique and innovative designs that differ from other brands. Specifically, the X4S model deserves a thumbs up. It has 10-inch wheels with a high ground clearance, perfect for any type of terrain. And Propel’s skateboard has undergone professional waterproof testing and can slide on rainy days and waterlogged fields. However, quality comes with the cost. If budget is not a problem, then this model is worth a look.

2. Boosted

A big name comes in the list with one of their models, Boosted Mini X. For those looking for a budget-friendly electric skateboard, this model comes with the solution. It is the smallest Boosted skateboard and still gives a descent value to price. Important note to remind, water resistance seals are added to the electric motor, but it is not recommended to ride in a non-friendly environment.

3. Evolve Skateboards

Evolve Skateboards introduce the Carbon GTR to the market. Though the board is not fully protected to water exposure, it should be able to handle the wet road perfectly normal. The big battery capacity is a big plus for longer travel distance. For all those features, you may need to go deep into your pocket to get this one home.

4. Backfire

Backfire Ranger X2 offers great off-road performance. The OLED-display remote improves its value. Considering the price, you may want to browse around for more options available. However, this skateboard gives an overall nice value to the users.

5. Ownboard

Ownboard W2 Pro comes with a unique flexible deck which improves durability. Although it has better flexibility of the deck, adaptation to this type of material might take a while compared to rigid deck.

6. Exway

Exway with Exway X1 introduced the model with water-resistance protection. With the maximum speed of 45 km/h in ideal condition, the skateboard fits to experienced users in search of adrenaline. However, the deck is known as the stiffest and most rigid characteristic, decreasing the balance for a high-speed ride.

7. WowGo

One of the most recommended electronic skateboards for reviewers is WowGo 3X. The price is relatively cheap, and the battery capacity is descent. The only aspect to improve for the brand is their unresponsive customer service for user support, especially for warranty claim process.

8. Metroboard

Metroboard Slim Stealth is another option for electric skateboard with water-resistant protection. The availability to choose the options for battery capacity gives a more flexible choice. You can travel up to 40 miles with the highest battery capacity model.

9. Meepo

Meepo Mini 2 is one of the best electric skateboards for the budget-friendly class. With the price less than $450, you can feel the experience of electric skating. However, due to the small battery capacity, the travel distance is limited as well, which is up to 18 km.

10. Verreal

For a fantastic top speed, Verreal RS Pro has the solution. With the top speed up to 50 km/h, this skateboard has an excellent performance for any purpose. As the performance is one of the best, users without experience is not particularly recommended for this model.

How to make electric skateboard waterproof?

The reason why electric skateboards are waterproof is the protection to the electronic parts. Most of the models have water-resistant seals and covers to keep the electronic parts secured from water exposure. However, the level of water protection should be considered before buying. The higher level provides better protection to the board, helping you to decide whether it is recommended to ride it in particular condition or not.