Warranty Info

To provide you with a quick feedback, please make sure that there’re below info in your email:

– the I.D. code which is on the remote, board’s suspension, and packing list;

– the order number or the email you used when purchasing (this is helpful for your own protection);

– fault description with as much detail as you can share;

pictures and videos that can assist our engineers in analyzing the problem.

*Please kindly notice that even after-sales parts, the customs of the destination country may still charge relevant taxes, we’re sorry but it’s the destination country’s policy, which means the extra taxes may need to be covered by you to receive the parts.

1. Easy-wear parts are not covered by the warranty

Easy-wear parts including tires, belts, griptape, deck, belt guards, driveshafts, drive shaft rubber sleeves, etc.

2. The e-board is conditionally guaranteed for 6 months (Extended to 12 months for boards purchased after Oct 1 2023)

Within 6 months of the recorded delivery date, the e-board frame assembly (Battery box, independent suspension systm, chassis and deck) is damaged due to quality problems, we will replace it for free. If the product needs a warranty, please email us at [email protected]. You’ll need to mention the below info in your email: Order Number; Vehicle I.D. / on the remote; Problem Description; The Products’ Related Images or Videos.

Electronic parts warranty for 3 months including motor, controller, remote, battery, etc.

For skateboards purchased after October 1, 2023, the warranty of the e-board frame assembly (Battery box, independent suspension systm, chassis and deck) is extended from 6 months to 12 months (electrical parts are not included).

3. The e-board failure caused by the following reasons is not covered by the warranty

(1) Damage caused by human factors and collision during driving.

(2) Unauthorized disassembly of the e-board and its components, unauthorized adjustment (controller, etc.) parameters.

(3) Damage due to water ingress.

(4) Change the warranty labels without permission.

(5) Damage to the e-board caused by improper operation.

4. For X4S, it is recommended to replace the lubricating grease every 500 kilometers in the rubber sleeve of the transmission shaft.

5. For seperately ordered parts: if there’s any problem, it is requested to contact us within 7 business days after receiving a product. After 7 business days, the warranty is invalid.

Please note: the warranty applies exclusively to the original purchaser. And the second hand is not covered. In order to extend its service life, damage caused by incorrect maintenance and incorrect use will no longer cover the warranty.

*Warranty only provide a replacement for broken parts.



PROPELEV’s skateboards are sporty and fun, but like other sports equipment, they can be dangerous and you may experience serious injury or even death from loss of control, collision or fall. In order to ride safely, you must be sure to read all instructions, safety information, warnings, etc. in the manual and on the website.

1. Before purchasing and using the board, be sure to evaluate your physical condition and confirm that your body is suitable for a dangerous sport. Before each use or ride, be sure to wear helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and other related protective gear; be sure to check the condition of the skateboard and the charging condition; make sure to always ride within your ability.

2. In the case of no power or low power, there may be no brakes. In particular, great danger can occur on slopes/hills.

3. Always obey the road and traffic rules in your area and know where you can ride; do not ride on marked or congested roads and highways; respect pedestrians and children.

4. Do not ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol; do not ride under fatigue.

5. Please keep and place our products properly and charge them in a suitable place to avoid improper touch, use or riding by minors, so as not to cause personal injury to them.


1. Range: The range displayed on the website is the maximum value measured under ideal conditions. In real world, the range is affected by the following factors:

a) Whether the battery is fully charged and whether the battery is aging;

b) Slope and resistance/friction of the riding road; tire pressure/Psi;

c) The temperature and wind on the day of the ride;

d) the rider’s weight and riding habits;

The above factors are most likely to reduce the range by more than half.

2. The skateboard is not waterproof, riding in rain or wet conditions is very dangerous and may cause injury. Electronic parts (battery, motor, controller, remote) are easily damaged by water.

3. Do not smash or rush through hard objects; do not disassemble or assemble the skateboard and its components without authorization; do not adjust (controller, etc.) parameters without authorization; do not change the warranty label without authorization. Skateboard damage caused by the above reasons and other personal improper operations are not covered by the warranty.