Q: Didn’t you used to be called Cyleagle? Why did you decide to rebrand to Propel EV?

Yes. As a company heavily focused on research, development and engineering, branding was initially something we didn’t prioritize to the same degree as all other aspects of our business. The original logo, for example, was designed by our CEO! After taking feedback from our riders and working with consultants and designers we realized the Cycleagle name and design language actually weren’t reflective of the kind of company we are. The style didn’t capture our style. Propel EV isn’t just a name to us; it’s an ethos. We’re confident we will propel personal electric vehicle technology forward. Our riders trust our products to propel them across any terrain. Never content. Never concerned about what used to be the norm. We will always propel forward.

Q: What are some of the main differences between the X4S and Endeavor?

The X4S has 4-wheel drive with four 6374 motors. Each has a maximum hypothetical power output of 3000w. It also has a removable battery. While it’s amazing on pavement in city or suburban environments its power and technology are deployed most impressively off road. Endeavor is a 2-wheel drive crossover series made as much for your neighborhood as it is the off road terrains you’ve always wanted to explore. Have a look at our specification sheets for each product line to see further differences.

Q: Does Propel EV use real carbon fiber or that faux carbon fiber plastic composite material that some others use?

Both the X4S and Endeavor Pro feature real 3K carbon fiber material. None of that faux plastic stuff. Our decks are not only lightweight and strong; we think they’re also the best looking carbon fiber materials on the market when viewed up close or from a distance.

Q: What are some of the main differences between the Endeavor Pro and Endeavor S?

The most comprehensive way to assess the differences would be to consult the specifications sheet on the product page but at a high level, to summarize some of the more notable differences, the Endeavor Pro features a carbon fiber deck with luxury vehicle metal inlay, a 12S5P 1110 watt hour battery, and an ESC based on VESC with a higher top speed and a color LED screen remote. The Endeavor S uses a maple deck, a 12S3P battery with 666 watt hours, and a Lingyi-based ESC and remote. Both models feature the same compact independent suspension system from Propel EV.

Competitive Advantages

Q: What are your core mechanical advantages?

Propel EV engineers have automotive backgrounds and we’ve brought that level of engineering sophistication to our product line. The X4S has a high ground clearance of 155mm/6.1”, surpassing that of its closest competitor by 2.6 inches, and ensuring a vastly superior pass-through. What good is an AT board that regularly bottoms out on rocks, tree roots, or even ruts in the earth? An X4S propels over just about anything that gets in its way! Both the X4S and Endeavor lines have patented independent suspension shock absorption systems which allow for maximal tilting, as the dampening is exerted separately over each of the wheels individually. This also gives our boards unparalleled control and safety over any terrain you encounter. With an X4S or Endeavor any terrain is fresh pavement. Our adjustable springs allow for maximum flexibility and our customizable configurations allow for agile steering. The combination of these features gives the X4S an incredible turning radius of 130cm-230cm, making 3 point turns a thing only for other boards.

Q: Can shock absorption reduce the pain and discomfort felt in the feet and legs while riding?

We pride ourselves on being a transparent and ethical company so this is a difficult question to answer ethically but we will try our best. Put simply, our independent suspension systems absorb shock and impacts that would otherwise need to be absorbed by your feet, knees, ankles, spine, etc. Every human body is different but our systems are designed to reduce the damaging shocks and impacts that would otherwise reach yours while also offering features like stability control to help you stay safe and in control if ever you encounter an unexpected terrain change, piece of debris, or other obstacle in your path.

Q: Do you have a 3 month or 6 month warranty?

Propel EV products have a 6 month standard warranty with standard conditions applied.

Q: What are your core electronics advantages?

Where many in esk8 make their batteries entirely inaccessible for easy change our philosophy at Propel EV is to make batteries removable and easily upgradeable in the future of the X4S line while also providing high quality, stationary battery solutions for the Endeavor line. We want you to have options to suit your own unique lifestyle. Have you ever wanted to leave your AT board in the trunk of your car for easier access later but worried that the temperature of your environment might impact your battery? With Propel EV’s removable batteries you can charge your batteries in your home and leave everything else in a location that’s convenient for you later. Forget the days of pulling ATs with muddy tires through your home to get to your chargers. With Propel EV you charge on the board or separately wherever it’s best for you. With the ease of a backpack or a rear storage rack mounted to an X4S range simply can’t be viewed the same way. You’re limited only by what you or your board storage solution is willing to carry. Battery accessibility goes beyond range options though. We’ve all seen the posts online from other riders who own other products from other companies that experienced battery issues. Those riders are stuck with an inoperable board, waiting for a replacement battery, and required to remove enclosures and more to resolve. A Propel EV rider with two or more packs doesn’t only have extended range; they have added assurance of uptime.

Q: Is it true that Endeavor has an ESC option that’s based on VESC?

Yes! The Endeavor Pro is our first board with an ESC based on VESC.

Q: Do I need to be a DIY or electronics expert to use an ESC based on VESC?

No. Each Endeavor Pro has already been optimized by Propel EV for use in multiple terrains and scenarios. We studied VESC so that you didn’t have to!

Q: Is it true that the Endeavor pro has a remote with a color screen?

Yes. The screen on the Endeavor Pro is color and provides a variety of information for you. Including speed, distance travelled, remaining battery, and more.

Q: Why is Propel EV not focused as much on max speed as some others in the industry?

Propel EV loves speed but we also value torque, comfort of ride, high pass through ground clearance, maneuverability, stability and safety and we believe we’ve created one of the world’s best esk8 and personal vehicles because we’ve found an incredible balance of each.

Q Is your esk8 strong and built to last?

Many of Propel EV’s engineers have backgrounds in automotive R&D where the expectation is that vehicles must be built to last. We have done force analysis of each part, and have established our own quality management standards in accordance with the standards of the automotive industry. We strictly control the precision of our products to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the parts. Each of our non-consumable parts has passed the 20,000-kilometer endurance test. For consumable easy-wear parts, such as tires and belts, we utilize quality components to extend wear life. For some moving parts, such as bearings, we use NSK high-quality bearings.

Battery/Remote control

Q Some esk8 companies don’t take battery safety seriously. Is it true that Propel EV batteries are UN 38.3 certified?

All models of Propel EV products, including our battery packs, have passed the UN38.3 certification, the compulsory standard required by the US Department of Transportation. UN38.3 is found in many countries’ shipments of dangerous goods regulations and is relevant for the transportation safety of all lithium metal and lithium-ion cells and batteries. While the UL2272 standard is incorporated in some countries, UN38.3 is the most universal standard for most balance vehicles in most countries. We take battery safety very seriously at Propel EV.

Q: Can I buy more than the one stock battery for the X4S?

Yes! Of course! Our entire reason for quick swap batteries of this type is to give you options and flexibility. Regardless of whether you own a 2020 X4S or a 2021 X4S you have access to our 756 Wh quick swap packs. We offer an additional battery pack as an optional accessory, which features a longer battery life. The battery life of 756Wh in 4WD is able to sustain up to 25km/15.5miles. This was tested on a rider of 165lbs. Carry as many packs as you wish to extend range.

Q: Will the battery fall during off-roading?

Propel EV planned for and tested for precisely this concern. The unique fixing and locking design can ensure that the battery is still very firmly fixed in the battery compartment regardless of terrain.

Q: Can I control the speed remotely?

You can control the board remotely with the function button on the remote controller and switch to different board speed. Please see the respective spec sheet of the board you’re interested in for more.

Q: Can the board be controlled in reverse?

Yes, the esk8 has a reverse control option. You can press the power button twice quickly to switch forward and backward.

Q: What should I do if the remote control is out of power (how long will the battery last)?

You can charge the remote control with a USB cable at 5V/1A for an hour to its full battery level.

Q: What if I’m a developing rider? Is there anything on the board to help me develop confidence?

Yes. There are four-speed modes LOW/MIDIUM/HIGH/PRO that you are able to choose from,5 to 50km/h. Feel free to switch to low speed for a safer ride if you are a beginner. As you gain in confidence you can increase the speed modes, acceleration curves, and braking modes. Always wear a helmet and protective equipment to ensure safety.


Q I love the high ground clearance for roots, rocks, ruts and other unexpected obstacles but does it influence stability?

Propel EV’s engineers sought to build the ultimate off road board with an industry best pass-through rate so that our products could go places without bottoming out where other boards can’t. However, our unique independent shock absorption system, along with the steering linkage system and self-balance stabilization system also provide unparalleled control and stability. While the tech is heavily convoluted, the experience for riders is highly intuitive.  Once our riders try our products they quickly become at ease on them.

For those who enjoy customization, we have applied a cushioning spring under the deck, which can be adjusted to better suit individual heights and weights.

QWhat kind of terrain can I ride on?

Propel EV’s X4S supports an absolutely massive 6.1”/155 mm ground clearance, which is almost double other all-terrain boards, letting you glide right over obstacles, and into some ruts without bumps or scratches. That makes it uniquely suited to multiple terrains; perfect for campsites, exploring mountain trails, gravel, hills, and more. With Propel EV products you can explore and enjoy scenery you’ve never experienced before while enjoying unrivaled comfort and agility.


Q: Can I do backflips with the board?

Unfortunately, we can’t support backlips. The X4S is designed for heavy-duty off-road riding. The net weight of the board is 60.7lb/27.5kg. Therefore, it’s not well-suited to aerial stunts.

Q Is it waterproof?

The X4S allows for riding in the snow; however, due to the unexpected track slips with the snow, we would recommend a safer ride under dryer conditions. In regards to the water splash-proof, although our components are sealed, there is still the possibility of water ingress, so we do not promise or recommend wading through the waters.

Q: Can children use it? What is the age range 

In regards to the most suitable users of our products, we recommend users older than 14, so that the average payload would be sufficient for the riders to press on it, thus assisting better handling and turning. It’s mainly for the purpose of the most optimal experience for the riders.

Q Do you have any color options?

At the moment, we offer a largely neutral color scheme so that the rider can introduce the color spash of their preference. We are considering color splash options to sell as accessories, including different spring colors and logo color options.

Q What are the load bearing parts of the board made of?

The load-bearing parts of the vehicle are made of aluminum alloy, including the upper and lower cantilever, mainly considering the strength and weight.