P1 Bindings for DIY Board



DIY Binding sets are suitable for any skateboards that can drill holes in the deck.
Bindings 1 pair
DIY Binding Mount*2
DIY Binding Thread 1 Set

PropelEV P1 Binding Sets

The PropelEV P1 binding is the latest binding to hit the scene and we have upped the game by adding 1 more adjustment than the other companies offer. We added a strap angle adjustment so you can angle the instep strap to cross your instep where it’s supposed to. This makes it a custom fit instead of a set position that each rider adapts to for their foot size and positioning.
With a luxuriously padded instep, when added to an Endeavor with its urban independent suspension, you now have one of the most comfort-driven boards ever to hit the market. We combined comfort, fit, and performance with the P1 Binding.

Propel offers 2 mounting platforms. One specific to Endeavor only and another DIY version that will work on just about any board out there. (see drop down)

We do advise that when adding bindings to an Endeavor, you consider moving up to the next stiffer bushing. If you are not a pro rider yet, it is not recommended that you use the binding immediately.

-Ratchet style strap. Crank down in an instant and release with the flip of a finger.
-Luxuriously padded instep strap
-Mounting plate for Endeavor so no need to drill holes
-DIY mounting kit available so these can be used on any board that can take a standard binding
-Adjustable instep angle.

Here’s the installation video for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCy4AiRar

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