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Entry-Level Crossover From PROPEL EV Family

  • Urban independent suspension of ESK8
  • 691Wh, 12S4P Lishen LR2170LA battery cell
  • Integrated Lighting Control System
  • Maple composite deck
  • Quick exchange sleeve
  • Precision alloy all terrain wheels
  • 2×6374 motor/belt drive


[1] The SPECS are based on the 75kg rider. The SPECS are affected by the rider’s weight, riding habits, temperature and road conditions, etc. For Endeavor 3 S, when the board load reaches 90kg and above, please refer to the actual range.

[2] Data discrepancy of around 1-3cm exists because of manual measuring.

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Endeavor3 S to enjoy the fun of flying in the clouds

Endeavor 3S inherits all the advantages of 2S that are popular around the world. In terms of battery, 3S chooses a new generation battery pack. In addition to increasing battery capacity, a greater improvement is in improving battery discharge and voltage reduction, which is more stable than 2S. It can provide you with more sustained and stable power output. Although the price will be slightly higher than that of 2S, 3S comes standard with front and rear lighting systems, new upgrades in appearance layout and sandpaper, as well as further optimization of some parts. These upgrades will It brings you an extra safe and carefree riding experience. I believe that the moment you ride the 3S, the cost of this upgrade will be worth it to you.




Let’s face it; a lot of outdoor terrain unfortunately sucks. Potholes. Debris. Cracks. Ruts off road. It’s why almost all serious vehicles have independent suspension. Imagine not having to worry about any of those terrain issues. Imagine just being able to enjoy the sun and the breeze and skate! Many the world over have been doing just that for years with our renown Endeavor series. The 3S is our third generation of the entry level to Endeavor and we’ve completely raised the bar. We’ve updated the look. We’ve updated the ESC to FOC. We’ve updated the battery to have more range and power. And we’ve done all of this while improving on any and all issues observed from previous generations of Endeavor. This product is battle tested the world over and it’s never been better.

Professional review of the previous generation 3S

Imagine how amazing the 3S will be

Too Good to be True? – Electric Skateboard HQ

Best Off-Road Electric Skateboard? | Propel Endeavor S vs Endeavor2 S Review – TECH UP!

super range large battery

Larger battery, more continuous power

You asked for a battery update to the S line and we listened. With a more powerful battery pack and more continuous voltage, even if the battery is half empty you’ll still have enough power to off road or climb hills. All Propel EV batteries are safety certified.

Urban Independent Suspension Shock Absorption

Our patented urban independent suspension design (UIS) is our pride and joy. UIS not only delivers an incredibly comfortable ride but by giving each wheel its suspension system it allows the wheels to remain in contact with the surface at all times in ways a standard skateboard truck can’t. Road cracks, sticks, and rocks, all disappear underfoot. A padded grip is no match for what UIS does for stability and comfort. Enjoy the ride. Stay out longer. Enjoy greater stability. Your feet will thank you.

Integrated Lighting Control System

With our self-developed integrated lighting control system, the Endeavor3S can control all lighting functions via the ESK8 remote control. Imagine approaching your motherboard at night or early in the morning and turning two headlights on or off with the push of just two buttons. A single headlight can illuminate 1,000 lumens, and two headlights can reach 2,000 lumens. Night riding is one of the real joys of the ESK8 if you have the right lighting setup, and the Endeavor 3S delivers on that. Remote functionality isn’t limited to headlights, though. The taillights will flash to make sure vehicles behind you know you are there, and our taillights will stay bright red when you step on the gas wheel and stay there when stopped.

Two-Color Mirror Precision Alloy BRAVURA Wheel

Endeavor3 also features our brand new Movado wheels from our new high-performance Bravura wheel line. The plastic from Endeavor 1 is gone and replaced entirely by aero-grade alloy. These aren’t only the best-looking stock wheels in ESK8. They’re also the best performing.

Fast Swap Bushings

One of the areas we were most proud of with Endeavor1 and 2was how many riders shared with us that they accomplished their personal best speed records on the board. The wide stance and firm bushing setup gave them the confidence to test their limits and experience new thrills. However, we also observed a desire for more carving options. We will continue to use this excellent design on Endeavor3 bushing swap process can be completed in under a minute. With Endeavor3 you can fine-tune the ride to whatever you prefer.

Maple Composite Deck

Due to the finishing process that brings out the unique wood grain characteristics in each unique maple S deck some variance in wood-grain aesthetics should be expected. Yours will be one of a kind! Like you and the trees themselves!



Customers Reviews

2 reviews for ENDEAVOR3 S

  1. paulford
    Excited to ride version 3!
    After trying my friends older version I had to buy one for myself, if you liked the older one, the latest version is a no brainer. Endeavor 1 is alre...More
    After trying my friends older version I had to buy one for myself, if you liked the older one, the latest version is a no brainer.
    Endeavor 1 is already a beast.
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    ENDEAVOR3 S photo review
    ENDEAVOR3 S photo review
    ENDEAVOR3 S photo review
    Matt Workman
    The board has exceeded my expectations, very fast, very nimble. Goes from one terrain to another very smoothly. Find my self aiming for spots on the r...More
    The board has exceeded my expectations, very fast, very nimble. Goes from one terrain to another very smoothly. Find my self aiming for spots on the road, where I would have definitely avoided before. I like how the lights have been included, and are controlled by the remote. Also like the brake light! One thing, I wish I had ordered the bushing set along with it, that way I can completely dial in the board. Definitely my best electric board, and I am very excited to push the board to its limits. Very happy with my purchase!!!
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