Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: What Is Best For You?

Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: What Is Best For You?

When it comes to getting around the city or town that you live in which would you rather be riding? This article was written to compare two wildly popular modes of transportation; electric skateboard vs electric scooter. We will be discussing the pros and cons of both of them and also what we believe are the reasons you should choose them.

Pros and Cons of Electric Skateboards  

An electric skateboard is a self-propelled skateboard that is powered by an electric motor that moves the skateboard without you having to do any of the work. You simply use the remote control that comes with the e-skateboards. There are several advantages and disadvantages of riding an electric skateboard.

Pros of Electric Skateboards

Fun and easy to learn how to ride – Like all-wheeled vehicles you have to learn how to operate an electric skateboard. Fortunately, they are really easy to learn and they do have three modes of operation depending on your skill level; beginner, normal, and expert.

Operated by remote control – To make it super easy to use, the electric skateboard comes with a remote control. That means all you have to do is push buttons to operate it.

The electric motor generates high speed – It features a powerful electric motor and a long-range rechargeable battery. The motor is capable of propelling the skateboard up to 25 miles per hour at its top speed.

Has a regenerative braking system – To improve its operating time, the electric skateboard comes with a regenerative braking system. This means every time you apply the brake a small amount of electrical power is sent back to the battery to increase the amount of power that it has stored in it.

Cons of Electric Skateboards

Much heavier than a traditional skateboard – Due to all of the additional equipment that is needed, the electric skateboard is much heavier than a standard skateboard. Therefore you need to be aware that they will be much harder to carry around.

Maximum weight capacity – The electric motor is rather small which means there is a maximum amount of weight that it can handle. That means the heavier the rider the slower the skateboard will be able to move.

Cost can be prohibitive – Unlike traditional skateboards which don’t cost a lot, e-skateboards come with a premium price tag.

They need to be recharged – The electric snakeboard is battery-powered and therefore it must be recharged in between uses.

Requires additional maintenance – Th ensure proper operation, you need to do a good amount of maintenance. This means checking all of the different systems periodically to be sure that they are working correctly.

Pros and Cons of Electric Scooters  

Electric scooters can be found in cities large and small all around the world. They have become a very popular mode of transportation for all kinds of people. In some areas, they have become the dominant way to get around.

Pros of riding an electric scooter

Easy to operate and maintain – It is really easy to operate an electric scooter by simply twisting the handle to accelerate. They are relatively easy to maintain since the battery doesn’t require any maintenance.

Charging is really easy to do – Depending on the area you live there are public charging stations available that can make it convenient to recharge the battery. That way you can continue to enjoy riding for longer periods.

Lower cost of operation – Relatively lower cost to operate an electric scooter than other types of transportation.

Very quiet – The electric motor is very quiet and it doesn’t make any other types of noises to speak of.

Zero emissions – Extremely eco-friendly in that there are zero emissions during operation. Since it uses an all-electric powertrain no nasty smells are coming from it.

Cons of riding an electric scooter

Can be dangerous – Riding an electric scooter in traffic can be a bit dangerous since you don’t have a lot of protection. You need to be very careful, especially if you are riding one in a busy location.

Has to be recharged – The electric scooter runs on an electric motor and battery. That means the battery must be recharged in between uses. This can be challenging depending on where you live or where you are riding the scooter.

Lower operating range – Unfortunately, the battery life is not the greatest on electric scooters and that means they don’t have a long operating range. You need to be aware so that you don’t get stranded somewhere when the battery dies.

Which option is right for you? Electric Skateboard or Electric Scooter

Which one is right for you, that can be a difficult question to answer depending on your wants and needs. Each offers you a plethora of features that make them a good choice. You only need to decide which one fits you best.

As we have already talked about previously in this article there are many different pros and cons to each one. However, when it comes down to which is the best fit for you will likely depend on certain factors. Ease of operation is likely to be a huge factor and due to its simplicity, the electric scooter would be the winner. You can simply jump on an electric scooter and twist the handle to get moving. However, you have to learn how to use the remote control to operate an electric skateboard.

An electric scooter is much easier to maneuver in tight spaces and heavier traffic. That means depending on the area that you are riding you would need to be a much more experienced rider to be able to handle an electric skateboard.

The last thing would be balancing on an electric skateboard is much more difficult than it would be on an electric scooter. For a beginner, it would be much better to go with an electric scooter, however, for more experienced riders, an electric skateboard can still be a reliable option.