Belt Guard For Endeavor 2

Can I Ride My Electric Skateboard on Grass?

Can I Ride My Electric Skateboard on Grass?

Get Annoyed When you Skateboard On Grass?

Belt Baffle Plate

When you are enjoying outdoor all-terrain riding, especially on grassy areas, cross roads and other road conditions, you may often encounter grass and stones being entangled.

You have to stop to clean it up, which interrupts your riding pleasure. In serious cases, the stones may be caught in and cause damage to the gears. This is really disappointing.

So how can you ride on all-terrain road conditions without this happening? In addition to a closed transmission system like a gearbox, what other solutions are there?

PROPEL EV Belt and Hub Guard

Here it is, PROPEL EV’s newly designed multi-functional Belt and Hub Guard based on Endeavor customer feedback.

Belt Guard For Endeavor 2

Belt Guard For Endeavor 2

What We Will Solve?

The design of this Belt and Hub Guard is mainly based on the consideration of preventing ‘grass from being drawn in; direct point impact from stones and belts (usually from larger sharp foreign objects)’:

1.Grass curling usually occurs between the hub and gear, between the gear and the upper and lower arms, due to the rotation of the gear and hub, and the angle between the entangled belt and the gear.

2. Stones, usually caused by small stones ejected from the opposite wheel, enter the gear cavity from the gap of the motor baffle. The entering small stones will cause abnormal noise, and even larger particles may cause damage to the gear.

3. Belt point impact usually refers to the impact of large sharp objects on the ground on the top of the belt, which can easily cause the belt to break.

How Will It Protect Your Skateboard?

In response to the above situation, PROPEL EV has developed a multi-functional belt and hub guard for targeted protection.

Belt Guards For Endeavor 2
Belt Guard For Endeavor 2

1.High-quality spring steel is selected to fully wrap the exposed part of the belt to reduce the impact on the belt and ensure that it can return to its original shape after being impacted instead of plastic deformation and blocking the belt.

2. In addition to the original belt baffle that wraps the motor synchronous pulley, the exposed part of the gear is also completely sealed, leaving only the movement space required for the upper and lower arms during suspended jumps.

3. The entire component is designed as a split structure, and customers can choose to install it according to the actual needs of the usage scenario (whether to install grass-blocking shrapnel).

PROPEL EV Supports Your Ride Always

After a large number of actual tests, this accessory can greatly reduce the probability of foreign objects being involved, effectively protect the belt and gears, and ensure that you can enjoy your all-terrain riding journey without being disturbed.

Of course, PROPEL EV’s R&D team has also designed a gear transmission system specifically for off-road scenarios, which will be online soon. It will not only better protect the transmission, but also provide greater torque!

And if you got any other questions just contact us via [email protected], we’re here for you all the time!

By riders, for riders.  —-Propel EV