All Instructions and Preview about Remoteless Electric Skateboard

All Instructions and Preview about Remoteless Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard draws people’s attention in recent years. Why wouldn’t it, it is fun and completed with useful features that will assist you to commute from one place to another comfortably. Considering all the benefits given, having one at home is a bargain, especially for those who live in a big city where traffic jams are everywhere.

When we are talking about electric skateboards, most of the models are equipped with a remote as the control system for the board itself. However, remoteless skateboard was introduced as a breakthrough for a seamless and more natural ride.

This time, all you need to know about remoteless electric skateboards will be discussed here. Things you expect to discover are about what remoteless electric skateboards are, features they have, pros and cons, and others, so let’s check it out.

What are remoteless electric skateboards?

Despite the innovation introduced since years ago, there are still many people not familiar with this electric skateboard model. As in simple explanation, remoteless electric skateboards are basically similar to other electric skateboards. What seems to be different is the control system of the board. While various models of electric skateboards are controlled by the remote, this model allows you to take a full control using the sensors.

Remoteless electric skateboards use your body weight to control everything. For example, by leaning your bodyweight forward, the board reacts to the direction of the pressure and moves towards it, resulting the skateboard to accelerate depending on how much pressure you put on it. This application also applies for the braking system which is activated when you lean yourself backward.

Thanks to the gyroscope sensor installed, it allows the skateboard to be controlled by the pressure of the deck, giving you an amazing yet unique electric skateboarding experience. This innovation is a fresh air to the electric skateboarding technology.

How to use remoteless electric skateboard?

Controlling a remoteless electric skateboard requires a bit of adaptation and experience of skateboard riding. Though it may look simple, adjusting your riding position to get a perfect balance whilst taking a full control of the board is not an easy task for beginners. The gyroscope sensor attached below the deck takes control of the movement. It accelerates or brakes based on the pressure input towards certain directions. Therefore, this model suits more for experienced riders.

Despite not being beginners-friendly, the model provides a more natural sense of riding, giving you extra control of the board. Once getting used to the skateboard, getting off from it will be ever harder as the excitement increases over time.

Features of remoteless electric skateboards

Manufacturers focus on specific features for each model to create a unique value compared to their competitors. However, these basic key features below are essential for their products. Below is the list of common features that all remoteless electric skateboards should have. Understanding their offers from the products provides better reference which might affect to your decision whether to buy it or not.

1. No remote

Based on the model, your expectations for the skateboard should be set already. The skateboard is controlled by the gyroscope installed under the deck and your movement on the board is decisive to have a full control of the board. A more natural and smooth riding is a great benefit coming from this model, allowing you to experience a different type of control than normal electric skateboards.

2. Weight

Typical from remoteless electric skateboards, they weigh lighter than normal models. As for your reference, Inmotion introduced Inmotion K1 that weighs for less than 4kg. With the light weight, a maneuver can be made effortlessly, even during high-speed ride.

3. Hybrid

The worst feeling of riding electric skateboard is when it runs out of battery power. This might happen to anyone, but with remoteless electric skateboard, this situation should not bother you. As the result of the motor not being engaged to the wheels, you should be able to pedal the skateboard just like any traditional manual skateboards.

Performance of remoteless electric skateboards

Performance-wise, there are too many variables to contribute whether the remoteless model is better than the others. However, all-around performance in average is expected to be slightly inferior compared to the remote models. The top speed and battery capacity are the most notable variables to consider. It is understood that the significant difference of the weight contributes to these performance cut. On the other hand, the decrease of top speed, although it sounds a disadvantage, proven to give a better safety for the riders.

Pros and cons of remoteless electric skateboards

Before exposing the pros and cons from the skateboard, this is a disclaimer that all the aspects to be mentioned are subjective matters, meaning one person might find differently from the others. After finding several aspects to note, below points could be decisive to make up your mind before buying this piece of skateboard.


Let’s start with the technology implemented in this electric skateboard. The gyroscope sensor is an innovation to start in electric skateboard community. It provides a more natural ride and better control of the board using body movement. The fact that it weighs lighter than other models, this gives improvement to agility and flexibility. A better safety is also expected with the less top speed, and above all, it performs perfectly fine as a manual skateboard.


Although it seems a safer option among the other models, the performance cut is not ideal for experienced riders who wish for adrenaline rush. The battery capacity is another matter to bring on the table. With less battery capacity, the expectations should be adjusted to last quicker. One last thing to notice is the less beginners-friendly control system. The new way of remoteless control might take longer for beginners to get a good balance on the board while it is moving.

In conclusion, all the above points are just the reference for you to take. Whether you prefer the remoteless model or the other, it is totally up to you to choose. Moreover, you should expect the pros and cons above if you decide to get one at home.

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